Single Location

Small businesses do not need a “one size fits all” solution. They are better serviced with a customized service or services that are scheduled to meet their specific needs. System4 will customize your services to your desired service level and budget. If you require multiple services, we can bundle these to provide you better pricing. With our single point of contact we strive to make your job easier and more efficient through the use of pre-qualified service providers. In other words System4’s program allows you to outsource the duties of a facility manager for no charge.

Multiple Locations

Managing multiple locations that each require multiple services can be time-consuming and frustrating. Not only will you have consistency problems but each of your location managers will be contacting you for complaints and resolution. System4 can be your outsourced facility manager. We will create a detailed work specification for each of the services we provide. This means you receive uniform operating standards from vendors across all locations (consistent service). Bundling multiple services allows us to create cost-effective solutions for all of your locations and our bundled services means discounted pricing across all your locations. We also offer a single point of contact to streamline communications and save you time.


Centralized Administration

Hundreds of locations . . . No problem! System4’s single point of contact together with consolidated invoicing and consolidated payment will save you administrative time and money. Besides consistent performance standards at all your locations, you will have uniform administrative standards. This means that you do not need to develop separate procedures for each service vendor. This also means that you do not need to track down the paperwork or chase people for invoices. Let System4 be your facility service coordinator so you can accomplish more with less staff.