Dedicate Your Time to Education

A young student with their teacher

As the instructor for educational learning you have the critical task of assisting our children with developing their thoughts to gain elevated knowledge in various subjects. Not only is your ability to teach these individuals vital to their development, but you must also keep our children safe by providing them with the means to expand their knowledge in a clean and healthy environment.

In learning institutes such as schools and after-care facilities, instructors are often faced with the following sanitation dilemmas:

  •  Soiled floors
  •  Polluted restrooms
  •  Spots on carpets

At System4, we understand that finding solutions to these challenges is essential for the safety of our children. By providing your educational facility with the cleaning services that are tailored towards your regular sanitation dilemmas, we can manage your cleaning challenges so that you can focus your activities on developing our children’s intellectual growth.


System4 will provide you school facility with the following services:

  •  Floor and Carpet Care
  •  Window/Glass Cleaning
  •  Restroom Sanitation
  •  Customized Work Schedule
  •  Liability Insurance and Bonding
  •  24 Hour Customer Service
  •  Daily Removal of Chemicals from Facility
  •  Security Identification Badges for Workers
  •  Use of Hospital-Grade Disinfectants and Green Cleaning Products

Dedicate Your Time to Education.

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