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Kevin Alleman
Master Franchise Owner

Phone: (502) 447-4140

9900 Corporate Campus Dr #3000 Louisville, KY 40223

Ft. Wright, KY 40223-4050

System4 of Louisville is owned and operated by Kevin Alleman- President- Alleman LLC.

System4 of Louisville offers our  customers ta wide variety of Facility Services with  the attentiveness and flexibility of local ownership. Whether  our customers need basic facility services, multiple facility services or specialized , equipment and/or chemicals, System4 of Louisville has the experience, capabilities and resources to meet your needs.

Let System4 of Louisville introduce you to a level of professionalism uncommon in most basic service industries.System4 of Louisville’s Business Development Managers will meet with you face to face to determine what type of  services you need and more importantly discuss with you how best a particular service or services program can be structured to improve your processes.

Whether our customers are a single location looking for a customized program to meet the specific needs of your company  or are a small chain of locations that requires consistent services for all locations or a national brand that favors the uniformity of service and centralized administration, System4 of Louisville can handle your needs. If you are a Facility Services Coordinator or Manager System4 of Louisville can save you time and increase your personal workflow productivity, by sourcing, qualified service providers to meet your needs. Naturally if your needs change or the selected service provider is not meeting your requirements, System4 of Louisville will find you another qualified service provider.


Cleaning Services
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Trash disposal
  • Dusting
  • Restroom disinfection & sanitization
  • Disinfect kitchens
  • Sweeping & mopping
  • Porter services
  • All other janitorial services
Hard Floor Care
  • Burnishing vinyl floors
  • Strip & refinish
  • Scrub & recoat
  • Spray buff
  • Machine scrub hard floors
  • Wood floor care
Carpet Care
  • Hot water extraction
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Dry chemical cleaning
  • Carpet encapsulation
Interior Facility Services
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • HVAC (Repair & Maintenance)
  • Handyman Services
  • Painting
  • Pest Control
  • Appliance Repair
  • Lighting & Bulb Replacement
  • Recycling & Shredding
Exterior Facility Services
  • Landscaping
  • Parking lot sweeping/Striping
  • Pressure washing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Window Film Application
  • Snow Removal (Where Applicable)
  • Painting
  • Roofing Repair

*Some Services Not Available In All Areas


System4 is a progressive and innovative leader in the facility service management and the commercial cleaning industry. We have developed an innovative business model supported by a comprehensive software platform to differentiate us from the competition.

Facility service management and commercial cleaning continue to be some of the most stable and fundamental industries in our economy. Small businesses, big businesses, professional offices, manufacturers, healthcare facilities, restaurants, car dealerships, retail stores, and many others need facility services and consistent, high quality cleaning services on a monthly basis.

From single location businesses to multiple location accounts System4 provides the knowledge and capabilities to coordinate their facility services and commercial cleaning needs.

If you are interested in learning more about our employment opportunities then please, fill in the information and attach your resume. Thank-you for considering us for you next career opportunity.

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If you are interested in owning your own System4 Franchise, please review the information below and contact us when you are ready.

Franchise Overview

As a Local Market Franchise Owner, you are provided with customers. Unlike other franchises where you are primarily buying a brand name, at System4 you get a customer base to service. You determine the amount of customers you want to service and System4 provides the contracts to fulfill your package.

Let Us Help You Build Your Business!

All businesses require SELLING to gain customers, OPERATIONS that SERVICE your customers, and ADMINSTRATIVE AND FINANCIAL FUNCTIONS. Very few people can do all of these things well, which is why only 10% of all new businesses succeed. Because franchising provides you with a proven business model, franchisees have a 90% success rate. System4 finds you customers, invoices and collects from them, for your business. In a nutshell, System4 is the sales and administrative function of your business. This allows you to focus on service, customer satisfaction and building your business.

Most commercial cleaning is done after normal business hours. Because of this, you can start your business on a part-time basis and expand to become a full time business or start off right away as a full time business owner.

Sales and Marketing

System4 has a dedicated sales force in every market. We contact businesses every month to find prospects that are not satisfied with their current service or new customers who need service. Our professionally trained sales people are cultivating potential customers every day. System4 fills the pipeline of prospects and converts these into customers for our franchisees.

Guaranteed Revenue

When you invest in a System4 Franchise you get a guaranteed revenue. The amount guaranteed ranges from $6,000 to over $100,000 per year, depending on how much you want to invest and how large you want to grow your business.

Replacement Revenue

System4 guarantees your customers for longer than any of our competitors. If you are providing quality service to the customer it will not be “here today and gone tomorrow”…we guarantee it!

Expansion Revenue

You can expand your business with no additional down payment. Expand the number of customers you service or expand to have employees. System4 provides you the customers and the support you need to grow your business! Your growth is only limited by your desire and ability.


Create a small business or a multi-crew company exceeding $100,000 per year. You’re the boss! System4 provides you with customers, training, administrative support and the know-how to build your own business.

1. System4 is your Sales and Marketing Department:
  • Guaranteed Customers
  • Replacement Customers
  • Expansion Customers
2. System4 provides all your Training and Equipment:
  • Comprehensive Operations Training
  • Specialized Industry Training
  • Micro Fiber and Green Cleaning
  • Commercial Grade Chemicals and Equipment
3. System4 is your Administrative Support Department:
  • Customer Billing and Collection
  • Customer Satisfaction Center
  • Insurance and Sales Tax Filings
4. System4 provides your Financing for Growth:
  • Initial Purchase
  • Expansion Financing
  • Equipment Financing
  • Cash Flow Protection

An investment as low as $1,400 down guarantees you income of $6,000 per year! System4 offers multi-level packages so you can step up to over $100,000 per year. Grow at your own pace! You are the boss.

Franchise Benefits

Let’s face it, administration can be time consuming and not the most exciting way to spend your time. System4 has developed proven operational systems so that we can efficiently handle all the key administrative support functions your business needs.

Customer Billing and Collections –

System4 invoices your customers for all services and collects their payments. You receive a monthly statement with your check that lists all your customers and itemizes your income.

Customer Satisfaction Center –

Most services are done after normal business hours, so unless you can visit these customers during the day you will not know if they are happy with your work. At System4 we have a comprehensive customer contact or inspection process and Franchise feedback system. We text message you with customer feedback and work with you to keep your customers satisfied.

Insurance –

System4 offers a customized insurance program that protects you from unexpected occurrences. The program includes liability and bonding insurance. By leveraging our size, we can provide comprehensive insurance to you at a lower cost than if you purchased it on your own.

Equipment Financing –

As your business grows, you may need to acquire additional equipment to keep up with the increased business load. System4 will provide financing on this equipment.

Cash Flow Assurance –

System4 will provide continual advances in the event that your customers do not pay on time. Cash flow problems are the largest contributing factor to business failures. Our program protects you against this risk and assures you of regular monthly payments.

Streamlined Accounting –

System4 invoices and collects from each customer every month and provides you an accounting of the billing. You receive a revenue statement and check for all services performed each month. We also account for, file and pay your sales taxes.

Customer Specific Requirements –

Customers in different industries have specific and unique cleaning requirements. Whether it is a medical office with OSHA requirements, a vehicle dealership that needs to adhere to EPA requirements or a restaurant that needs to comply with Health Department regulations, we are there to train and support you. In fact, we not only train you on how to handle these different requirements but we also accompany you on your first clean to make sure you understand all the requirements. System4 is your partner in getting the job done properly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Operations Training –

There is a lot more to commercial cleaning than meets the eye. System4 teaches you time-efficient cleaning techniques, how to use specialized commercial grade equipment and how to properly use commercial grade cleaning chemicals.

Specialized Industry Training –

Medical facilities and various other facilities require specialized chemicals, equipment and procedures for cleaning. These are types of customers that require professionally trained commercial cleaners…our specialty.

Microfiber and “Green” Cleaning –

All franchisees are equipped and trained to use the latest Microfiber cleaning supplies equipment and techniques. System4 also has a full line of “Green” cleaning chemicals.

Commercial Grade Chemicals and Equipment –

Part of any job is having the right equipment and knowing how to use it. We initially supply you with the cleaning equipment that not only does the job right but at the maximum level of efficiency. We also provide equipment and financing for specialized floor care programs.

What is a System4 Commercial Cleaning franchise?

As a System4 franchise owner, you own and operate your own commercial cleaning business with our help. In short, it is a partnership you enter into with System4, where each party has specific responsibilities. Your local System4 office provides you with local customers, handles all of the billing and collecting for your customers and provides training and on-going support to your business. Your main role is to perform the cleaning service. For more details, please schedule a franchise presentation with your local System4 office.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to set an appointment with your local System4 office for a franchise presentation. This typically takes about half-an-hour. This is an informative meeting . . . no pressure. In fact, even if you wanted to invest in a System4 franchise, you have to wait 2 weeks before we are allowed to sell you a franchise.

Why do I have to sit through a franchise presentation?

The franchise presentation reviews all of the information you need to make an informed decision. You will also receive a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD); this presents in writing everything you will need to know about the System4 franchise.

How Quickly Can I Get Started?

Once you have received our FDD, there is a mandatory 2 week waiting period before you can become a System4 franchisee. This waiting period is mandated by the Federal Trade Commission.

What Is The Investment?

The investment levels vary based upon the amount of customers we provide you. The minimum investment is $1,400 down, which gives you all the training, the equipment, and customers generating $500 per month in revenue. We also have larger packages in which the monthly revenue can be from $1,000 to $10,000 per month to get started. However, the investment levels on those are somewhat higher.

What Are The Fees You Charge?

Because we are a franchise, as all franchises do, we have a royalty fee. Our fee is only 5% of whatever your billings are each month. In addition to that, we provide other services, such as billings and collections, customer service support, and numerous other services. For all these management services, our fee is 10% of what the billings are for each month. The total royalty and management fee is 15% of your monthly revenue.

What Type Of Equipment Is Included?

We provide all of the items to get you started with your first customers. We include a commercial backpack vacuum, microfiber mop system, microfiber cleaning cloths, a mop bucket and various other tools you will need to successfully service customers; we also give you the necessary chemicals to get started. This is not intended to be all the equipment or supplies that you will ever need. However, it will be plenty to get you started on the first accounts. You can see the full Starter Kit list inside our FDD.

Where do I buy more equipment and supplies?

We have local suppliers you will deal directly with. We have negotiated some national pricing, so you get a volume discount without having to purchase in large quantities. You are also free to purchase equipment and supplies on your own. We do not require you to purchase any supplies directly from us.

What Type Of Accounts Do You Provide?

We provide commercial businesses, which can vary from standard offices to medical facilities, schools, restaurants, and auto dealerships. Just about any type of business you might drive by is a potential customer.

How Far Will I Have To Travel To Clean?

This is really up to you. Because you are a business owner, we cannot tell you how far you should go to service customers. On average, we try to keep your customer base within a 20 minute drive from your home.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Our company has been in business since 2004; however, the management team has over 50 years in the franchising and commercial cleaning business. We have over 1500 franchises currently operating in the United States.

Do I Need Insurance?

Yes commercial customers require it. By grouping all our franchises together we can provide discounted coverage. The policy provides two million dollars of liability insurance and fifty thousand dollars in bonding. You can get your own insurance as long as you get the minimum coverages required. The cost for this insurance is a very small percentage of the revenue your company generates each month.

Are The Accounts Guaranteed?

Yes, we provide a 24 month guarantee on all the accounts we initially provide you. This means, that if the account is lost for any reason other than your workmanship, we will replace the account on a “no-charge basis.” As an example, if the account is lost because they went out of business, moved out of the area or they got lower price, we would then replace the account.

In the $1,000 per month package, how many accounts would I get?
On average, each account is about $500 per month. So in this package, you would most likely get a few accounts. We do have accounts that range in size from $150 to over $10,000 a month
How long is the training program?
The initial training program is anywhere from 12 to 15 hours, that is done both in your local office, and on the job sites that we provide you. This generally takes, depending on your schedule, a few days. So we have both classroom and field training.
How large can I grow my business?
The nice thing about our program is we provide the customers so you can grow your business to a very large size; it just will depend how big you want it to be and your ability to manage your employees.
How Do I Find Employees?

Generally we have seen people start out doing some of the work themselves, and then slowly add employees as they have a better understanding of the business. There are various ways to recruit employees and we go over this in our training programs.

Who Pays The Employees, You or Me?

This is your business, therefore you pay the employees.

What About Payroll Taxes?

There are payroll services we can direct you too. These are now very inexpensive.

Who Trains he Employees?

We will provide you the initial training, and then you will have all the information needed to train your employees. However, we would be glad to assist you or have your employees attend any of our training classes. There is no charge for this.

This Sounds Like I Am Buying A Job

No, this is your business. You can choose to service accounts yourself or, if you can manage people, you can service many accounts. System4 is your sales, billing, collection, accounting and customer relations department. You provide the labor and/or management of personnel to service accounts…we do the rest! You are also free to sell the business at any time.

How Do You Price Accounts?

The accounts are priced with the following factors in mind: Frequency, complexity and size.

I have bad credit. Will I still be able to get financing?
Yes. That is not a problem because we do the financing here and will deduct any of the payments prior to forwarding your funds each month.
How long can I expect to keep accounts?
As in any service business, the level of quality is the final determination of customer satisfaction. Therefore, if you are providing the services that the customer is expecting there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to keep the accounts for many years. Very seldom do customers change cleaning services due to price, it is generally service issues.
What makes System4 better than competitors?
Great question! First of all, our founding management team were pioneers in this industry 25 years ago. But beyond the experience, we have 4 distinct differences.

(1): Account Guarantee; we guarantee all the initial accounts for 24 months, as opposed to our competitors who only have a 6 or 12 month guarantee.

(2); Larger Accounts / Lower Price; we have designed a program that when you expand your business you purchase larger accounts at a lower multiple. We do this to increase your profitability as opposed to our competitors who charge the same fee regardless of the account size. We want our most successful franchisees to have an incentive to grow.

(3): Account Lease Program; we are the first and only company to offer this program. This program is designed to increase your monthly cash flow. This is very similar to auto leasing, as you only pay for what you use. So therefore, you end up with more cash at the end of the month.

(4): Initial Franchise Package Pricing; you will find our prices are lower than some of our competitors. If not, then you are not getting comparable equipment or supplies. Recap: System4 offers 4 distinct differences and advantages that improve your profitability and long term success.

How long does it take me to get started?
The training takes about 1 week and then within 2-3 weeks after that we are starting to provide you with your customers.